Founded on Fundamentals

We began this business as building owners ourselves and recognized the importance of building an active management platform for our properties. We reviewed the landscape of the property management industry and recognized an opportunity to differentiate this business to benefit our clients. InCity believes in frequently inspecting all our buildings and identifying areas for improvement before they become issues.

Our proactive approach results in cost savings for our property owners as well as an enhanced return on investment. The aggregate experience we’ve earned along the way gives us a unique advantage when it comes to understanding and supporting the true needs of our owners and tenants. As we continue to grow, the guiding principles of accountable service remain the core component of our philosophy.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Unique understanding of owners' goals leads to more effective management and better perspective of owners' needs and issues

  • Strong local presence with a focus on residential and commercial properties concentrated in the Puget Sound area

  • Creative solutions, not boxed financial templates, allow InCity to work closely with owners to preserve and enhance the value of our entire portfolio of properties

  • “Eyes on the building” helps identify potential issues before they become expensive problems

  • Responsive and transparent communication with owners and tenants alike

  • Fair housing is top-of-mind for InCity and all for all our resident managers, who are all trained and certified

  • Experience in managing buildings varying in age built from 1900 to present

  • Real-time technology keeps our current and prospective tenants in the loop on potential maintenance issues, vacancies and available immediate payment methods

  • Fair fee-based pricing for owners by assessing each property’s unique criteria

  • Given our strong tenant relationships, we maximize asset value with fewer move-outs, less wear and tear, and lower turnover costs