During the current Covid-19 environment, our approach to work orders is as follows:

  1. ESSENTIAL work orders (to include leaks, security issues, non-working appliances, and items which pose a threat to the building or to a tenant) - We will complete as needed. We urge you to leave your unit while the work is being performed, ideally 1 hour prior to the work being performed if possible. We understand that we cannot require the 1 hour policy given the nature of the work order. We do require at a minimum that 1) you are not in the unit when the work is being performed or 2) you must wear a mask while a member of InCity is in your unit.
  2. NON-ESSENTIAL work orders - We will continue to complete as needed. However, please expect delays to complete your work order(s) as we continue with Covid-19 protocols and focus on essential work orders. We require you to leave your unit at least 1 hour prior to the work being performed. You will be notified via email when we expect the work to begin. As these work orders are non-essential, we want to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 by having the unit clear for at least an hour. If a team member of InCity arrives and you or any other resident or guest is in the unit, the work order will need to be rescheduled.
  3. FOR BOTH TYPES - Upon completion, you will receive an email confirming the work is completed. We strongly suggest that you wait at least an hour to return to your unit whenever possible.
  4. COMMERCIAL BUILDING WORK ORDERS - We understand the challenges of leaving your space, especially if you have multiple employees. Please do what you can to ensure the safety of our team members and your employees. Non-essential work orders will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and we may complete non-essential work orders at a later date.

Masks will be worn at all times by our team members. We appreciate your understanding to the new guidelines!


We are doing all that we can to ensure the safety of our employees and the tenants we serve. We have enacted new cleaning policies, new procedures for viewing vacant residential units, and are focused on maintaining safe distances between others.


  1. Our physical office is open, but with limited staff to maintain social distancing. If you call our main phone number, if someone is available it will be answered. Otherwise, your call with go to a phone tree with contact options. However, all other employees are working remotely. Please contact your property contact directly. NOTE: Email is currently the preferred method of communication, unless it is a time-sensitive issue and or a life-threatening emergency.
  2. If there is a life-threatening emergency (fire, health matter), please dial 911
  3. If it is a time-sensitive issue at the building regarding safety or security, please call our emergency phone number: 206.368.4331. Someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.
  4. Our resident managers and maintenance staff - we are limiting social contact as much as possible. Please understand that offices in buildings may be closed, and there may be some disruption due to limiting contact. We understand the need to keep our buildings safe and secure.

Work Orders (post December 14) - In cooperation with the Washington State Department of Health’s efforts to reduce risk of exposure and transmission of COVID-19, masks are required if you wish to remain in the unit while work is being performed.

TO PROSPECTIVE TENANTS - for you to conduct a tour of a unit in person, masks are required immediately upon entering the building. Otherwise, we will be unable to show you a unit in person.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.